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Is Melatonin Safe for dogs? How much can they eat?

September 30, 2017

Many dog owners have a question “Is melatonin safe for dogs?” The answer is “yes”. Melatonin is a hormone that works to relieve insomnia. It is widely used by the vets to treat the dogs. It is helpful to remove the restlessness, noise anxieties, sleeplessness and some other disorders of the dogs. You cannot put the […]


Can Dogs Be Autistic? Some Symptoms To Diagnose It

July 30, 2017

As a dog lover, it can be a question “Can dogs be autistic?” Yes, your dog can be autistic. It is as like as the autistic children. When you observe an autistic child, you will find some signs and for the autistic dogs, the signs are the same. We can define the autism as the spectrum developmental […]


Benadryl Dosage For Dogs – Is It Safe For All Dogs?

July 15, 2017

Many of the dog owners are searching for the information of Benadryl dosage for dogs. Benadryl is safe for dogs or not it is a question among the dog lovers. Well, the answer is yes. Dogs can get benefit from Benadryl if they need it. Otherwise, extra use of Benadryl can cause serious problems to […]


A list of vegetables which are the Dog Friendly Vegetables

July 9, 2017

If you are a dog owner, you may be eager to know about the dog friendly vegetables. Though fruits and vegetables are the food for human, they can be the occasional food for the dog. When you take vegetables, your dog can like to eat it. But all the vegetables are not safe for the […]

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